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This application is created for the Faculty of Translation of the UAB University students. Every student can learn with our interactive application chinese and track every progress that the teacher can check in order to qualify them.

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UAB offers a digital ecosystem where the student and teacher can interact. Student can study all step by step, with different types of exercises managed by a scoring system and learning lessons fast and effcient.

Moreover, the teacher can see the student's progress, check if you have completed the lessons and mistakes more committed. Let's watch in action!


Clean design

Based on the Google's and Apple's design rules for native apps in order to improve the UX.

Digitized Material

All your lessons are digitized allowing an interactive and user friendly learning.

User Interface

Designed to improve the user experience with eye candy design and intuitive interfaces.

Clean code

Our code is incremental, modular and it was created to deploy apps ensuring quality and speed.

User Access

Focused on language learning centers who want to share their app only with their students.

Easy to use

Students and teachers can track their progress easily and steer lessons to improve the learning experience.

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If the next answers do not resolve your doubts, please get in contact with us.

I'm a registered in a course at UAB but I can't register ?

Please contact your UAB so they can pre-approve your user. Then you will be able to download the app.

My user is locked. What can I do ?

Your user could be locked because your username has been used in another device. To unlock your device, log in and touch on "unlock device".

Can I use my username in different devices simultaneously ?

Yes, you can, but only one at a time. So make sure you log out of one before logging into the other!.

Is my progress saved if I install the app on another device ?

Your progress is saved locally on your device. If you install the app in other device or uninstall it you'll lose your progress.

I think an exercise is wrong. How can I report it ?

There are exercises with multiple correct answers. We are constantly improving so please contact us if you find another answer.

If I find a bug while I use the app, what should I do ?

In that case, send us an email to explaining us the issue you want to report.

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