ubilingua, means mobile app development at its best

ubilingua was born to turn ideas into great Apps.
We focus on two verticals: Apps for language learning centres and custom Apps for a wide variety of corporate clients.

Ubilingua is a B2B mobile education technology company founded in 2015 by a very experienced team of entrepreneurs and developers. Ubilingua is building the most advanced mobile education solutions for language academies. Desktop learning solutions have become obsolete in today’s mobile world. We want our clients to dive deep into the learning tools a mobile device can offer.

While B2C free language apps offer one-size-fits-all environments, we believe the academy’s teaching experience is paramount, the perfect bottom-up approach to learning a language. Thus, we will blend your skills seamlessly with our bespoke mobile expertise, creating a great user experience, mobile-first. Run your academy as an all-inclusive ecosystem where on-site classes are strengthened by a beautiful app. Your students, teachers and management will agree.


We rub shoulders with our clients from beginning to end. We want to be your long-term partners.

Mobile Development

We turn ideas into code that support beautiful, useful Apps. We add value to your company by improving customer engagement, brand visibility and standing out from competitors.

UX/UI Design

Design and Users' experts will take care of the small details. Our Apps will not only look good, but feel good and prove better!

Analysis & Support

Your process of decision-making will become more data-driven, day by day. Mobile analytics is the way forward to success.

Monetization & Marketing

We are experts on mobile revenue models: whether it's B2B, B2C -or a mix of both- we guide you to mazimize your revenue channels.

"ubilingua's app has allowed us to better monitor our core initiatives and increase our productivity."

Banco Santander

"ubilingua's app has allowed us to better monitor our core initiatives and increase our productivity."

Banco Santander

"We are now developing our third app with ubilingua. Their quality, speed and price is unrivalled."

McKinsey & Company

"This app has brought the University to the forefront of the technology ecosystem. Our students and teachers love it!."

UAB - Universidad Autònoma de Barcelona

"We had developed an in-house learning system and ubilingua has taken it to the next level. Fully recommended!."

Hen Kuai

"We had our doubts at the beginning... We came for the pricing and stayed for the quality. We have no doubts it was the right decision."

GERAR - Escuela de lengua y cultura china

"ubilingua's app has allowed us to better monitor our core initiatives and increase our productivity."

Banco Santander


Well-versed, decades-long experienced team focused on helping you go full mobile


COO / Cofounder

A former McKinsey strategy consultant, he has spent years bridging the business-developer divide and making products to improve the way decisions are made. He has a background in computer science -and business administration- giving him the tools to launch Ubilingua from scratch.


CEO / Managing Director

Having a 16+ year career across different countries and industries, has given Carlos a no-frills approach to creating value through business ventures. After a long period scaling up Latin American startups, he has joined Ubilingua to lead its international expansion and consolidation.


CTO / Lead Consultant

He has created apps for renowned clients, mastering iOS and Android ecosystems to the core. He is a leading UX/UI expert, being able to turn clients’ wishes into effective business mobile tools, with Silicon Valley standards. His knowledge allows ubilingua to become better, faster and stronger.


We create amazing and intuitive applications leveraging the best technology.

Hybrid Apps

Responsive Web Design



Google Cloud

Web Apps

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All we need is a PDF with a sample lesson and in a few days
you will have a pilot app in your hands!