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Learn Spanish while
having fun with CPI's app!

Founded in June 1991 by Romy Morales, it grew from its beginnings in the small town of San Joaquín de Flores to become, as Romy rememberes, "the best language program in Latin America". Today, with three campuses across Costa Rica, they operate independently with the same high quality service. Foreign clients can attest to that.

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CPI is the only Spanish immersion school that allows students to see more of Costa Rica by combining classes at their 3 sites located in distinct regions of the country: Heredia, Monteverde and Flamingo Beach.

Watch this video and see how the app works and how it can help you to improve your Spanish fluency with interactive exercises. It's available wherever & whenever you want!


Clean design

Based on Google's design rules for native Apps -as well as Apple's- to improve their UX.

Digitalized material

All lessons are digitilized in order to have full alignment with the academy's syllabus

User Interface

Focused on user experience (UX) optimization, to increase intuitivity as well as efficiency.

Clean code

Our code development follows an incremental, modular methodology, ensuring quality and agility.

User Access

Available for academies that want to open their App only to subscribed students.

Easy to use

Students and teachers can track their progress easily while manage the number of lessons taken so as to improve the learning experience.

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I am a CPI registered student but I cannot login

Please contact your CPI teacher so they can pre-approve your App user/password. Then you will be able to download the App.

My user is locked. What can I do ?

Your user could be locked because your username has been used (or is being used) in another device. To unlock your device, login and press "unlock device".

Can I use my username in different devices simultaneously ?

Yes, you can, but only one at a time. So make sure you log out from one before logging into the other.

Will my progress be saved if I install the App on another device?

Unfortunately, your progress is saved locally (ON your very own device). If you install the App somewhere else (or uninstall it) you'll lose your progress.

What happens if I find a typo/error in one of your exercises?

There are multiple options' exercises; hundreds of them. We are constantly double checking the App so please contact us to report the error. Thanks in advance! :-)

If I find a bug while using the app, what should I do?

Please send an email to explaining what do you want to report.

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